Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Happy birthday
ivan's baby
hawt cousy! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 Important Days! =)

Heh.. Two important days! =P

Xiao Dong's birthday - 24/5
Ah Zhe's birthday - 3/3

Till then..

P/s: Off to study! =)

Pp/s: Happy birthday Thomas! =D

Happy 20th Birthday Thomas! ^^

24th of May.. An important day.. =P
Thomas's birthday! =)
Let the pictures do the talking shall we? =)

HAHA.. The pics are Thomas celebrating his birthday.. =)
He's very happy to get wishes from his fans, a card n a new GUCCI wallet! xD
He's also happy dat he get to celebrate it wit his best fren, Jack! =D

Wanna wish him health, wealth n happiness in his life..
N this pic is to show wat i wanna wish him.. =)

- meiyeelovestj just wanna wish thomas,
- Wish u all the best in ur career with Ah Zhe! =)
- Wish u leng zai forever! =P
- Wish u'll be happy every second in ur life! =D

Till then.. ^^

P/s: Happy birthday again xiao dong! <3

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Went to Big Book Shop just now..
Wanted to buy some exercise books..
Saw Jared.. We were lining up to pay money..
A guy infront of us.. Bought like tons of BOOKS!
N Kertas Aktual Peperiksaan.. Something like dat..
Reference books n exercise books..
Jared was like =O woah!
I was laughing..
Then Jared say "yao mo kau chor arh?"
LOL.. Coz he is only buying a potractor! HAHA!
N he say that guy kia su..
My mom was like woah.. Sure 7 As one lar..
The books he bought cost RM 343.. LOL..

Till then.. =)

[Any Title will do] =/

Less than 3 hours till All About Men's Concert..
Hope those who are going will enjoy yeap.. =)
Performance by Bosco, Ron, Kevin n Moses.. <3

Woke up at 10.30 today.. Watched Hannah Montana..

Then watched Woody Woodpecker.. =D

Ahuh.. After dat, went to KL wit mom to auntie's saloon..
Straighthen my fringe.. LOL..
That's wat i did.. N took some korean instant noodle..

T.T I'm gonna miss the concert.. That's the whole point..
This keep existing in my mind..

If i go:
- I'll get to see them..
- I'll get to take pic wit Bosco..
- I'll get to talk to Bosco..
- Maybe during gathering Kevin, Ron n Moses will be there too..

All the ifs.. Oh well..
After PMR, hope to see them again.. =)
Sure got chances one rite? xD

Till then..

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Need You Now

Nothing's gonna change my love for them! =)

Till then.. =P

American Idol Finale!

So.. Here's our Top 3 American Idol Season 9..
Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox n Casey James..

Judges choice!

Lee's Hallelujah totally amazed me man! Thumbs up for Lee! [Simon]

Casey's Daughters was touching when he sang it.. [Kara n Randy]

Crystal's Baby, I'm amaze was quite nice too.. [Ellen]

N here's our top 2.. [Casey James went out]
Who will be.. Our.. Next.. American Idol?! =D

Till then..

P/s: I'm supporting Lee! =)